My approach is in creating authentic design exhibiting inate creativity and timeless appeal. This is the back-bone of Heart & Soul Interiors. The spaces I create, the embellishments and objects are all made with love. Each piece is unique and has its’ own vibe which I then introduce into the homes of my clients.

Diamond Range

The Diamond Range of furniture was designed and exhibited during 2014 in collaboration with Adealide Artist Lola Bezor. Inspired by the colours and shadows that occur on a plain white 3 dimensional surface when a light source is added.

I wanted to use a classic decorative motive, in this case I chose the diamond. Each diamond is scaled proportionately to individual pieces and then hand crafted onto the furniture. A bed head, coffee table, hall stand and a seat were created. Each piece can be custom designed to size. All pieces are made in South Australia.

A fun project whereby the client wanted to upgrade from an 80’s build that was dark and very cluttered. To begin, we needed to let the light in and create ambience by introducing colour, not to mention incorporating clever storage. Exposed brickwork and wooden beams were painted white.  Mood lighting and LED were carefully placed to set the look and feel.  Noticeably, space in the kitchen was better utilised for functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Time had passed and the brown and green bathroom was quite dated.  With careful consideration the bathroom was transformed using the clients favourite ‘donkey’ colour on the walls, combined with crisp white handcrafted tiles. The feature pendant created a resplendent play of shadow and setting mood.


Nestled in North Adelaide


Commissioned to be an Engagement gift and was also very personal to the couple. Design inspiration evolved from a Zana Bayne Pentagram Handbag, owned and loved by the bride.

The chair was a specially sourced item. A combination of leather and fabric were interwoven in the design. The fabric was a bright and edgy pattern by Gaultier. Wallaby dark green leather were sewn in as small pieces to cover the outside of the chair, as well the inner back of the chair. Next was the black leather strapping which formed a pentogram on the back of the chair. To complete the styling, copper studs were used to give it the industrial look.

A totally bespoke piece – much loved by the bride and groom.

I was commissioned to undertake this beautiful bed-head design inspired by the clients’ recent travel to Morocco. The bedhead was laser cut to plan. Following this the bedside tables were designed to match whilst carefully concealing medical equipment (previously on view). The bedside tables and drawers now house the equipment discreetly, keeping the bedroom aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Custom Design Bedhead

In The Shadows

Essentially, I love creating a point of interest so that everywhere you look there is that ‘something’ that draws the eye.  Always the talking point amongst invited guests.

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