Susan Folwell

It makes me really proud to own my Adelaide based business. It is true to say, I hark originally from Loxton in the Riverland. My origins date back to my career in Nursing, and you may think this is worlds apart, but I actually use all my people skills, problem solving, organisation, and lateral thinking continually in the land of Interiors.

Passion for Interior Design came early for me, and it was when I came to Adelaide that opportunities for further study arose, and I extended my qualifications in design and styling.

As a member of the Interior Designers Association of Adelaide, South Australia (IDASA), and Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDI ), I keep up to date with the tools of my trade.

To me styling is a component of Interior Design, and I have had the privilege of learning from Megan Morton @ The School. Megan is a total guru when it comes to styling, and provides Master Classes for Styling.

My biggest love, and challenge, is to connect and engage with clients, and this skill enables me to weave the clients’ personality and vibe into their home. I develop spaces that are visually stimulating, but also useful and practical for everyday living. For me, the combination of old with new adds individuality, and over time I have gathered an eclectic style.

Essentially, you have to be able to thrive and love where you come home to each day, and be your happy and relaxed self in beautiful surrounds. I help clients everyday to get their own vibe happening and to show off who they really are!

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